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Earn Boss is an online platform where you can earn money by playing GAMES

Have Fun while you Earn

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With more than 12 categories of games to choose from, Earn Boss gives you a valuable opportunity to make money by playing fun games. Earn Boss believes in complete transparency and doesn’t charge a dime for the download of the game


Your Pending Bills are just few tasks away

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Are you way behind in your payments? Are you in need of money? Earn boss has just the right thing for you to make some instant cash. All you need to do is provide your time and complete few simple tasks.

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Sufficient Number of Followers:

To participate in the influencer programme, one must have at least 500 number of followers on their page and must have at least 100 of reach for the post they make.

Proof of Post Made:

Every influencer has to follow a specific procedure and have to provide enough proof of the post made on their page. Also, the post made on their page or website cannot be removed or altered for at least number of days.

Home page section
Home page section

Earn Boss Prime

Get chance to win up to 500% return on your investment! Yup, you heard it right. You don’t have to settle for 8% return on your investment and that too you have to wait for a decade or more. We at EarnBoss are giving you an opportunity to 500% return on your investment and that too in just one year!

Plans & Pricing



Win ₹ 1 Everyday For 1 Year

Watch 2 Video Everyday

5% Refer Price on Plan



Win ₹ 3 Everyday For 1 Year

Watch 6 Video Everyday

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Win ₹ 7 Everyday For 1 Year

Watch 7 Video Everyday

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